ABCGN Certification Center

The ABCGN Certification Exam meets the highest professional standards and is the only CGRN certification program accredited by ABNS.

The Fall 2023 application is now closed.


ABCGN Makes It Easy

The Certification Center allows applicants to:

  • Apply for the exam
  • Save your application and complete the process when you are ready
  • Receive instant email communication once your application has been received
  • Candidates have the option to complete their test via test center or live remote proctoring

Please contact ABCGN Headquarters with any further questions.

CGRN Candidates are required to create an account in the Certemy application system. You will create your account by entering your First & Last name, Email address and Password.

We are moving to a direct access to our application system, if you currently have an account and have used Certemy you will need to reset your password using the following link  Once you have reset your password you will be to login directly using the following link

If you have any questions please contact