Pre-Review Process

Not Certain You Have Enough Hours or the Right Hours?

For those candidates who are not certain that they have sufficient contact hours or that their hours are in the right categories or for those who have other questions, ABCGN offers a pre-review process. For a fee of $50, experienced members of the ABCGN Re-certification Audit Committee will review your application packet (without documentation) and provide feedback. 

The $50 pre-review fee is an additional fee and does not count toward your re-certification fee.

*Re-certification Pre-Review Applications may be submitted at any time; however, please allow sufficient time for the Re-certification Audit Committee to review your application and respond to you so that you can, if necessary, register for the exam or correct deficiencies prior to the deadline for recertification by contact hours. For additional information or to apply, refer to the Re-certification Pre-View Application.

Re-certification Pre-View Application