Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for recertification, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • At the time of application, candidates must have been employed in a clinical, supervisory, administrative, teaching/education or research capacity in an institutional or private practice setting for a minimum of two years full-time, or its part-time equivalent of 4,000 hours, within the past five years. 
    • Full-time industry nurses whose focus is at least 40% clinical practice, education or research are eligible. Those whose principal focus is sales are not. 
    • Candidates must submit a current and unrestricted United States or Canadian Registered Nurse (RN) license number. 
  • The professional practice requirement for recertification is different than that required for initial Certification. ABCGN recognizes that gastroenterology/endoscopy is an evolving specialty and that experienced CGRN’s often assume roles other than that required for initial certification.


Recertification By Examination >


To recertify by examination, certified Registered Nurses take the then current certification examination at the same times and in the same places as candidates for initial certification and must meet the same deadlines and fees. For information regarding test sites and registration deadlines, click on the Certification tab. 


Recertification By Contact Hours >


To qualify for recertification by contact hours, a candidate must: 

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements listed above;  
  2. Complete the online an application package;  
  3. Submit your online application by the published deadline.      

Since contact hours are accepted in lieu of re-examination, approved contact hours must be in specific categories and must include specific content which mirror the content of the examination.

If you choose to submit contact hours from a variety of activities, remember, there are maximums in some categories. Of the required 75 contact hours, you must meet the minimums of 60 GI-specific contact hours, 30 of which must be from CE-approved nursing seminars and workshops.

One contact hours equals any of the following:
0.1 CEU 1 CME credit 1 CERP
60 minutes of seminar/workshop time
50 minutes of seminar/workshop time from State Boards of Nursing maintaining that standard

10 contact hours equal the following:
1.0 CEU credit
1 quarter credit hour

15 contact hours equal 1 semester credit hour.