Approval Process

Submitting Your Program for GI-specific Approval

When preparing your GI-specific approval application, please use the GI-specific spreadsheet template provided and ensure you have all the required documentation as described below. Click here for the GI-Specific approval process application instructions.

Recurring Programs

GI-specific approval is applicable for a two-year period starting from the date final approval is issued. Programs can be repeated without limit during this period so long as the objectives and content remain the same. If the objectives or content has been changed or altered, the program must be re-submitted for approval.

It’s never too late!

Although preapproval of GI-specific contact hours for nursing CE nursing program approved or provided by other accredited organizations, ABCGN will review programs following the event.Please allow 30 days to process the program review. However, you can also take advantage of ABCGN’s Expedited Review Option. All expedited applications will be completed within 10 business days for an additional fee of $75.00.