GI Specific Hours Approval

GI-Specific Hours Program Application Fee Structure Chart

 2018 New Pricing Structure. Effective February 1, 2018
 Contact Hours SGNA Regional Program  Non-SGNA Regional Program
0 - 3 $50  $100
3.1 - 6 $75 $125
6.1 - 8 $90 $150
8.1 - 12 $100 $175
More than 12.1 $150 $200
Recurring Program  
Category 1 (Live) $75  $500
Category 5  (Recorded) $100 $1000


Programs Submitted to the SGNA Approver Unit:

Please upload a copy of your program flyer or marketing materials in the GI-Specific Application. All other materials will be forwarded from SGNA.
Note that GI-specific Approval cannot be granted until SGNA approval is final.

Programs Approved or Provided by Other Accredited Organizations:

Submit course objectives and content with their respective time frames, in addition to a program flyer or marketing materials. Please download and complete the GI-Specific Review Form and upload it to the application along with all other required documents. 

Please allow 30 days for program review.

Fill out the GI Specific Application to submit with your program to ABCGN.

Recurring Program: GI-Specific approval is applicable for a two year period starting from the date final approval is issued. Programs can be repeated without limit during this period so long as the objectives and content remain the same. If the objectives or content has been changed or altered, the program must be re-submitted for approval.

Contact ABCGN with any questions at or 855-252-2246.
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